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Migration Parade : Studio Process Photo Essay

When work is exhibited in a gallery setting, the thousands of hours of creation, production, formal research, skill-building, process-driven deliberations and experimentation is, more often than not, invisible to the public. 


I was so excited to be introduced to artist Winona Rae’s photographic work a few years ago. In the winter of 2021 winter, when Danielle Savage and I were deep in studio work conducting research and creation under a CCA grant for our project "Migration Parade", Winona came to photograph us in the studio. Among her many gifts and passions, she loves photographing artists in process.


The following is a sample of the photos she took during this time.  



WINONA RAE is a photographer and visual artist native to the coast of British Columbia, and currently residing in the Okanagan Valley.


Autobiographical in nature, her body of work has an intimate depth of connection and loss held in a solitary place. Inspired by the human form and elements of the natural world, she seeks to connect and bring out the inherent beauty in a person or place.


Winona’s photographic work reveals moments of truth and vulnerability in her subjects through the lens of her camera, be it videography, timelapse or photography. 

She is a member of the We Wai Kai Nation and is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing/Visual Arts at the University of Victoria. In 2020, she earned her certificate in Indigenous Fine Arts (UVIC).

For more on her work, visit

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