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Collective Memory and Creative Subjectivity: A Living Conversation

Jan 2023 - Jan 2024

A digital media and journal article collaboration with performance artist, Alba Torres for Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal, Southern Illinois University

Penticton, BC/Spain

In June of 2022, I presented my work in the form of an online presentation at an Alumni Festival hosted by The Division of Arts, Health and Society at The European Graduate School, Switzerland. I didn’t know at the time, but this event would put me in contact with the most inspiring group of women academics, therapists, coaches and artists from around the world: Katrina Plato, Valerie Giovanini, Alba Torres, Sinem Lanacı, Carmiella Zorzi, and Valeria Gonzales.

After the festival we stayed in contact with the intention of further collaboration. Barbara Bickel and Darlene St. Georges, the editors of Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal (Southern Illinois University), graciously offered us the opportunity to develop a special edition of the journal for 2023 based around our collaboration.

For this project, my main collaborator, Alba Torres Robinat, and I embarked on the writing of “Collective Memory and Creative Subjectivity: A Living Conversation” with an accompanying body of digital media work, and a video media piece, “A World : A Map || A Pam: A Dlrow”.

The articles can be read at for those who are interested (it is free to read the entire edition and there are amazing articles by my fellow collaborators that are well worth reading!). We are honored to share this hard-earned arts-based research with anyone who is interested.


From the Editorial Forward by Darlene St. Georges & Barbara Bickel:

“In this era of global reach coupled by unyielding political and religious divisiveness, this curated special issue of Artizein entitled "Invitations and Purposeful Encounters with Expressive Arts" offers an alternative way of being—presence-ing with one another. An alumni circle of the European Graduate School co-curated this collection with an approach to living with|in the world on an edge of epistemological re-alizing—through invited presence and compassion with others…This is a type of creative exhalation that gives rise to transformation and envelops a sacred space in which to restore and heal (St. Georges & Bickel, 2022). In this animated center we can align with creative impulse in a world pulsating in-to and out-of existence—ancestors, reciprocity, unconscious, and imaginal realms—embodied, somatic, and intuitive ways of knowing (Fidyk & St. Georges, 2022).”


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