Migration Parade : A Collaboration with Charlie Prince


We are honoured to be collaborating with dance-artist and choreographer Charlie Prince in our upcoming exhibition at the Penticton Art Gallery in March 2022. 

Leading up to the exhibition, we will engage in conversation with Charlie through which he will create a movement choreography. He will then engage in a durational piece with a 6-person dance/movement ensemble that will be both developed and performed in the "Migration Parade" gallery installation, bringing the work alive through the interaction of multiple bodies engaging with the sculptures.

Montreal film-maker, Kristen Brown, will add an important layer of aesthetic testimony by filming this collaborative piece. The resulting art/documentary film will be an imprint of this time-sensitive interaction of sculpture, sound and movement.

We will be updating this page often as Charlie's piece evolves. 


"In the last couple of years, I've been engaging more and more with the somatic body, and considering sensation at the foreground of my artistic decisions, rather than physical form. I have also been increasingly interested in sculpture, architecture and design. In my practice, I try to hold this space of tension between the highly visual, and the highly sensual.


When Alexandra & Danielle approached me to join "Migration Parade", I had been slowly shifting my practice away from the proscenium stage and more towards unconventional spaces for performance. The serendipity! For this project, we will work on a durational performance -  we will engage with our bodies, the space, the sculptures , and the sonic compositions for several hours per day.

This is can be quite taxing, but ultimately the immersive nature of the tasks has the power to shift the energetic architecture of the space, and the architecture of the dream space within us and between us.


In response to Danielle & Alexandra's thematic of the role of the individual within the group and the group within the individual, for this project I am interested in exploring materiality as an exposure to others. 
In other words, I'm interested in relational structures where the gesture of perception carries a reciprocal dynamic, rather than an objective, unilateral force. 


How can matter - and in our case bodies - serve as a dynamic and shifting entanglement of relations, rather than an objectified structure made to be seen or witnessed as such?

How do we expand our definition of body as moving beyond the borders of our flesh and skin?


And in so doing, what is body? Body as dream architecture, body as song, body as extension of space - space as extension of body.


These are questions meant to incite exploration , research and curiosity. I don't intend or pretend to be able to answer them."

- Excerpt from a letter to the dance ensemble by Charlie Prince, August, 2021


CHARLIE PRINCE is a performer and dance-maker. Born and raised in the mountains of Lebanon - he later immigrated to Canada and is now based in Montreal. 


As a movement artist, Charlie is interested in the place of the body within post-colonial imaginaries as a means to subvert and resist imperial legacies. He is interested in form as conceiving origin in imagined space, towards the abyss of an imagined future. He seeks to subvert cultural nostalgias in order to instil a progressive force, towards being a subject and not object of history. Charlie strives to articulate a somatic physicality which transgresses our bodily notion of border and sociality - and connects to an urgency of the within as a language of beyond. 


As a performer, Charlie has worked with, among others, Compagnie Alias , Ballet BC, La Biennale di Venezia and has been working with Omar Rajeh - Maqamat as a performer and associate artist since 2016. In 2020, Charlie began a collaboration with legendary dance artist Benoit Lachambre in collaboration with Montréal Danse to create the durational solo work ‘l’ogre, le phenix, et l’ami fidéle’ as part of the choreographic trilogy All in All. Charlie is currently in creation for and preparing to tour his new piece Cosmic A* in Spring 2021. 


His work has been presented in some of the most prestigious festivals - including SPRING Festival (NL), Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques internationales de Seine Saint Denis (FR), Oktoberdans (NO) and BIPOD (LB). Charlie also holds a Bachelor of Music from McGill University in Montréal and continues to engage as a composer for dance and film. In 2018 he received the prestigious Boghossian Foundation Prize for Dance and Performance awarded by Villa Empain in Brussels and Beirut.

For more on Charlie's work, visit his website.