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MA, RCC, Somatic / Arts-based Psychotherapist

Circle Deco

I help creatives
come home to their bodies
so they can lead richer,
more relational and fulfilling lives.

I work with the fundamental impulse in all of us that is creatrix/creator/creatura.

My therapeutic practice involves deep listening - listening with all of my heart, every cell of my body to my clients, myself, and the relational field at large. Philosophically, spiritually, and in practice, Creative Impulse is the linchpin of this approach to psychotherapy. By this I mean that each person intrinsically stewards creative potential. It is this imperative that ignites change and healing. 


I support clients in: 

  • cultivating richer relationships with self, other and community

  • deepening creative engagement with life

  • reconnecting with the body/soma

  • healing and expanding sexuality and eroticism

  • Healing trauma (personal, familial, and transgenerational)

  • refining and deepening artistic/creative practice

I offer: 

  • Psychotherapy with a somatic and/or arts-based orientation

  • Facilitation and group work (both therapeutic and explorative/skill-building)

  • Erotic coaching



I offer a free consultation session so we can assess if we are a good fit for each other.


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All sessions are currently offered online.

In some cases, I may be able to offer in-person sessions and intensives.

Please contact me to discuss this option. 

Psychotherapy Anchor


In an increasingly complex world, we are called to develop flexibility, resilience and creative responsibility, while simultaneously  acknowledging and serving our relationship to the whole. 


I support clients who find themselves on the edge of transformation, be that in relationships, career, sexuality, artistic practice, trauma recovery, intergenerational legacy or spirituality. I also work with clients wishing to deepen their experience of body and connect in new ways with their physicality. 


I draw on several modalities in my work. I use an attachment-informed approach that draws on "bottom up" (somatic awareness, body-centred modalities), "top down" (transpersonal, psychoeducational and cognitive), and external/internal spatial (Expressive Arts, Constellations) disciplines to provide a responsive and deeply sensitive container for our work together. 

Somatic Psychotherapy

The body is a lens by which we can view our kaleidoscopic soul. Through our bodies, we reveal our patterns - emotional, psychological, creative, and in life. 


My own growth and healing orbit has led me to explore many different body-based modalities. For reasons I may only ever partially know, my explorations (some from necessity and some from an intrinsic curiosity and desire to learn) have centred so directly on the body. From here, grew a passion to train in these modalities and work with others. 


Our bodies are honest, even when we don’t have the capacity in that moment to be with ourselves in this way. By turning our attention to our direct experience of body, we can learn its meandering and unpremeditated language, a way of knowing that is vaster than the bookmarks of attenuated memory. The body’s holonic capacity connects us to the richness of experience personally, transgenerationally, and collectively; the human and the sacred All. The archetypal poet speaks to us through the non-linear landscape of ourselves as both the individual and collective body. 


Arts-Based Psychotherapy

The Arts are a primal language that allow us to connect in a full-spectrum way with our capacity to heal, make-meaning and grow.


I strive to bring a relational understanding of the creative process to my sessions, which are also informed by my own healing/growth journey of many years and my professional practice as a visual artist. It is not necessary for clients to have prior skill or experience in the arts to engage in arts-based sessions.

Learn more about Expressive Arts Therapy.



Psychotherapy Fees: 

$155 + GST per session (60-90 minutes)

For couples: $180 + GST per session (90 minutes)

Sliding scale available. Please inquire for options.

See Insurance Coverage

Integative Coaching in Creativity

Coaching in Creative Process

If you are looking to deepen a current creative practice or establish a new one, I offer an integrative coaching approach that draws on multiple disciplines to help you find your unique state of flow and confidence. I will watch carefully for your existing strengths and skills, encourage them and together we will find innovative pathways through blockades, inertias and points of insecurity. I will guide you in exploring your own individual relationship to structure and discipline and how this fits into your current or emerging work. Together we will stand at the living edge of your creative process, gather information and expand into new territory. 



$155 + GST per session (60-90 minutes)

Sliding scale available. Please inquire for options.

Blueprint Coaching

Sex and Intimacy

Again, I approach this work through multiple modalities. With a strong somatic trauma base, I draw on my training in Erotic Blueprints, somatic attachment, and other sexuality teachings. 

I offer this work in the form of individual sessions for singles and couples as well as in a group education format. 

If you have any questions, please contact me to schedule a complementary conversation where we can discuss our work together.


$155 + GST per session (60-90 minutes)

For couples: $180 + GST per session (90 minutes)

Sliding scale available. Please inquire for options.

See Insurance Coverage

About Anchor


Alexandra brings a sophisticated, relational and holistic understanding of healing and creative process to her sessions.


She has worked with groups and individuals for the past 8 years researching the themes of phenomenology, the body and creative praxis. She has completed further education in Pre/Perinatal Attachment Therapy, and in 2020, she completed training as an Erotic Blueprint Coach. She holds a masters degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and maintains an active professional studio practice/career as a visual artist (installation and textile sculpture).

Alexandra has a long history of personal practice in various body-centred modalities and therapies, on both sides of the client/therapist relationship.


Her approach is grounded, pragmatic, and loving with a healthy respect for both the sacred and the irreverent. 

Learn more about Alexandra's personal and professional background

To view Alexandra's other work, visit:

Contact Anchor


Alexandra Goodall

British Columbia, Canada



Counselling with a Registered Clinical Counsellor is covered by some extended health plans. The best approach is to contact your extended health plan provider for more information and to see if they cover counsellors with this designation. Victims of a crime may be covered by the British Columbia Crime Victim Assistance Program. For more information about this program go to:

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