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A 9 Week Online Journey into the Erotic Blueprints

Mondays from 6-8 pm PST via Zoom

May 9th - 30 and June 13th - July 4th. Final day tba (we will decide on this as a group).


Maximum 8 people

Join us for a 9 week group experience in the Erotic Blueprints. In this class, you will learn to identify your erotic blueprint and the dominant blueprints of your partners or lovers. You will learn how to feed yourself in your blueprints, the language of each blueprint, and how to engage with and relate to partners with different blueprint styles. This will be a warm, humour-filled, irreverent, loving and supportive group space for healing, learning and expanding in your eroticism. 

Each participant will receive their own online Blueprint Breakthrough Course and a lifetime membership to Erotic Freedom Club, which is an online portal for support and connection available to those in this course. We will be working off the Blueprint Breakthrough course in this group. Each week, you watch the videos, and we will elaborate, clarify and build on that knowledge in class together.

Course Description:

Session 1: Introduction, setting the frame, goals, fears/challenges.


Session 2: Introduction to the Erotic Blueprints. Looking at our sexual history and relationship to sex/eroticism. 


Session 3: Somatically determining your Core Erotic Blueprint. In this, we will be learning about and experimenting with different types of touch. You will be experimenting on yourself with Danielle and Alexandra's guidance and direction. No nudity will be involved. This somatic exploration is the way you will determine your blueprint.


Session 4: Feeding and Nourishing our erotic selves (informed by our blueprint stack). A session devoted to learning about what most feeds you erotically according to your blueprint type.


Session 5: Language, expression, sex, and erotic blueprints. A session where we play with aural erotic expression. 


Session 6: Healing.


Session 7: Expansion. Moving into areas we are curious about. Expanding erotic range of play. Learning to play in a partner's blueprint. 


Session 8: Completion, integration and celebrations. 

Session 9: A surprise session with a special guest.

A few more things...

No nudity will be involved.

- Should you need individualized support, Alexandra is available for private sessions at her normal psychotherapy rate of $120 per 1-1.5 hours. Please visit her therapy page for more information on working with her.

- There will be homework each week to prepare for our next class. Some of it will be completed in pairs with another person in the group. 


Email Alexandra at to register. A non-refundable $200 deposit reserves your spot. The remainder of the amount is due by April 9th, 2022. We accept payment by Etransfer. Payment plans are a possibility - we are happy to work something out with you to make this accessible. 

Meet your Facilitators

Circle Deco

Meet your Facilitators



She holds a masters degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School in Switzerland. She has completed further education in Pre/Perinatal Attachment Therapy, is a Certified Erotic Blueprints Coach and has a long history of personal practice in various body-centred modalities and therapies, on both sides of the client/therapist relationship. She has worked with groups and individuals for the past 8 years researching the themes of phenomenology, the body and creative praxis.

​Her approach to her work is grounded, pragmatic, and loving with a healthy respect for both the sacred and the irreverent, the parts of us in the shadow, the parts of us that are animal, the parts of us that are both vulnerable and strong, domestic, electric, hidden, emerging.

She laughs and swears easily.


Danielle Savage comes to her work with over 15 years of embodied and contemplative practice. She is a composer and musician who works with electroacoustic and acoustic music and sound, as well as a certified RYT500 Yoga Instructor with a decades-long meditation practice, who continues to grow in the areas of eroticism, conscious kink, and various facilitation modalities. She is currently under the mentorship of pro-dom Guru Orpheus Black. She obtained a BFA Specialization in Composition followed by a BFA in Electroacoustics at Concordia University in Montréal, QC.


Danielle is passionate about the role of eroticism as it connects to a fuller experience of what it means to be human. She loves supporting others in erotic expansion because she has witnessed firsthand how life-changing it can be: a deepened connection to one’s own sexuality also affects how a person shows up for themselves and for others. It offers a sharper look at how power functions, and how to cultivate a playful attitude toward it. It can also aid in developing a sense of agency around our desires, both sexual and other. She sees eroticism as a sort of missing link: something crucially important yet sorely lacking in our current culture.


In both art-making and erotic facilitation, Danielle is interested in creating participatory experiences which connect the individual to their body as an instrument - something capable of profound communication, ritual and absurdity, in relationship to the world around them. The search for joy in the body, whether through music, movement or eroticism, is a meaningful and subversive practice. Tracking these trails of desire informs all of Danielle’s work. 

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