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About the Erotic Blueprints

Developed by American Sexologist, Jaiya, the Core Erotic Blueprints are a powerful system for catalizing erotic growth and healing.


There are 5 blueprints: The Energetic, the Sensual, the Sexual, the Kinky, and the Shapeshifter.


Each person naturally makes use of each of these blueprints in varying degrees - some will spend their whole lives exploring one of them, and others will move between them expressing predominantly through different ones at different stages in their lives, depending on life circumstances, interests, hormones, events and influences. We all have the capacity to express through each or all of these tracks if we desire it.


I like to think of them as 5 primary colours on a painter’s palette. We can learn to mix them to achieve subtleties in hue, we can keep them pure to explore them unadulterated, we can restrict ourselves to the exploration of one or two, learning to master these colours inside and out. 


Understanding the Blueprints and which ones we express the most commonly through, can give us a map of where we are, where we’ve been and where we would like to grow. It can catalyze enormous healing on personal and cultural levels. It can also help us understand our erotic partners and others in our wider community, as we learn to appreciate and exercise our range of play and autonomy of expression and to value the full depth and breadth of human sexual expression. 


As we come to understand them more deeply in our lives, we become aware that, far from being separate tracks of expression, each blueprint is more like an Aspen tree which is connected to the others through a vast and complex root system. Our learning is often rhizomatic: As we start to learn each blueprint, they seem separate, and then as we become more advanced, we see that each is contained in the other in a fractal-like expression where emphasis is placed on one aesthetic, but all are represented. 




What you can expect from sessions: 

- A well-defined structure/schedule for our sessions together.

- Working in an 8-10 session container, as I have found this to be the best way to hold the mix of education, somatic work, coaching, and therapy that is most effective for lasting shifts. 

- Didactic as well as experiential and somatic learning.


- Processing using therapeutic and coaching approaches.

- I work only with very motivated clients who are committed to their own growth. It is undeniably an investment - of time, finances, commitment and courage. I will be assigning tasks for you to do between sessions.

- Each session will last anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. 

What won't happen in sessions: 

- I won't diagnose, criticise or shame you based on your sexual habits, relationship structures, gender expression or preferences

- If you are lacking in your desire to be at our sessions or your motivation to grow, I can't supply you with this. I will recommend you find another practitioner. 

- I won't engage in erotic touch with my clients  (if you are looking for this style of work, I recommend you contact one of the amazing Sexological Bodyworkers listed here)